Happy Clients

See what some of my lovely clients have to say about working with me...
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Back in the autumn of 2016, I started my battle with vestibular migraine vertigo; the worst thing I have ever came across. During a 9 month fight, I searched for many solutions. Swimming helped me the most but I also experienced my first yoga classes and began experimenting with the plant based diet…these last two I knew very little about. With the vertigo more or less under control I was ready to make some lifestyle changes in order to make this go away forever. I wanted to get back to that energetic person I once was! It was then I found Chloe! And how glad I am that I did! We had our initial chat to help us decide how best we could work together, and from that point I have simply fallen in love. Chloe is the most supportive and convincing person I have ever known. She made me believe things I never thought were possible, actually are! The best example? She has helped me become a 5 K runner! The person who used to hate running, all her life! During our weekly calls and exercises I have learnt an enormous amount from Chloe. Not only about food, but everything else that is responsible for our health and wellbeing – the wheel of life as she calls it! I went to her in order to get my energy levels back, to learn how to eat healthy and try to lose weight – something that has never happened before! For my biggest surprise Chloe did not put me on a diet, but worked on helping me make healthy choices and building exercise into my life as a habit, which was really hard I have to say, and I must have been an annoying client at times, but Chloe has never given up on me. Together we made it happen! Having had 2 x 10 weeks session over. Skype, as well as in person when also practicing yoga; I am now exercising 4-5 times a week. I’m realising the benefits of the plant based diet and making healthy choices during my meal planning and shopping. I have even lost 8 kilos without once feeling like I was on a diet and actually starving! My energy level is sky high all throughout the day without a single drop of coffee! I can’t recommend enough this beautiful, young lady who is very knowledgeable, and extremely supportive! You will for sure get those ‘Chloe looks’ from her that made me go on with my running, but her positive energy, patience and advice will for sure help you get wherever you wish to be!

Enjoy your journey, just like I do mine!

— Monika

I completed the May Cleanse with Chloe which really changed my perspective on food and wellbeing, and I learnt a lot. Chloe also advised me on my nutrition in the weeks coming up to my wedding, and I managed to loose 1 stone in total. Chloe is very supportive with really good advice. Thanks Chloe!

— Lucie

I've done two programmes with Chloe and they have both been such eye-opening, rewarding experiences. Chloe is kind and patient, present but not intrusive, so knowledgeable and helpful. The recipes are delicious and easy to make / bulk prep. I loved that she does all the legwork for you - shopping lists for instance. I was amazed to be proven wrong, it turns out I CAN incorporate some 'me' time into a busy lifestyle. The programmes are so well designed and thought through, - I loved it and loved doing it. 
It's nice to get such a varied array of stuff to work with. It's so well-documented - just brilliant! It makes you feel more autonomous with it, which gives you a sense of ownership and pride - helps with committing! 
They progress quite gradually so they don't feel like too much of an effort which is great, and I like that it is a cleanse that isn't about cutting out 100% but being more conscious. Basically, couldn't recommend it more! I'm so happy that there are some things I've naturally adopted now. Thanks Chloe!

— Anna

I am over the moon from having worked with Chloe! I came to her as I had over 50 warts on both hands and felt tired all the time. I was concerned about not being able to make changes as was addicted to eating sugar all the time. But during our weekly skype sessions I set goals for myself and we went through these each week. Chloe was very informative about gut health and how this related to my skin and energy levels which helped keep me motivated to stick with the changes. I am so glad that I worked with chloe and really enjoyed the experience, as well as gaining so much, especially from no longer having warts on my hands!

— Wendy

Chloe was superb during the cleanse I did with her. Her recommendations and recipes were totally realistic, and achievable. She predicted common obstacles and offered practical advice on how to overcome them. All her advice and information was really easy to digest. (Pun intended) & easy to incorporate into your daily life. she was incredibly supportive and kind in her approach. I couldnt recommend her highly enough.

— Molly

I attended Chloe's stress management workshop and found her extremely knowledgeable and friendly with great attention to detail. Everyone was made to feel comfortable and it was a great opportunity to take time out. I highly recommend Chloe. Chloe has helped a remarkable transformation occur with me through a careful and consultative approach to working new nutritional ideas into my lifestyle. And lifestyle clearly is a major factor in the symptoms that I had when I first approached Chloe - sluggishness, exhaustion, mood swings, anxiety... My life was full on - working two full time jobs and not resting enough and fuelling as efficiently as I needed to. Chloe's approach is very sensitive and comes from both experience and study, and a natural empathy - wanting to help others heal through subtle, yet, profound nutritional and lifestyle changes. Chloe listens incredibly well and asks great questions which give you new avenues to explore and which often prove to be beneficial and life-enhancing. I can't imagine a life without Chloe there to consult with and work with. It's a mutually beneficial relationship that develops and I feel so much gratitude that I have been lucky enough to work with Chloe and see such big changes occur in my overall wellbeing. Every house needs a Chloe to consult and work with. Snap her up!

— Andy

Chloe has been of great help with nutritional and lifestyle management of my chronic health problems. Left to tackle these problems on my own (and I've tried for many years) I'd struggled to find the right direction. Chloe helped put me on course with her knowledge and expertise, and not forgetting her support. Chloe has been extremely supportive and has worked with me, listened and helped overcome challenges. Chloe's efforts behind the scenes in researching specific issues haven't gone unnoticed, she'd even put me into contact with a fellow sufferer of the same health problems to share notes and be inspired by their progress.

I highly recommend working with Chloe where you have specific nutritional and lifestyle objectives, or perhaps know you'd like to make change but aren't sure what. In fact, I've already recommended her to friends and will continue to do so!

— Matt

I am currently part way through a reset programme programme with Chloe after having twins 21 months ago where I had lost my way in terms of my health , Weight and how I felt about myself, Chloe has been an amazing support which has been solely phone based as we live in Oxfordshire and she has helped me understand exactly what my body needs and has helped me banish my sweet craving for food, I’ve dropped 20lbs in 8 weeks, which was actually more than my weight loss goal!, I feel great and for the first time I now understand what foods will make me feel more energised, keep me going and I’ve learned to not deny myself of a little treat here and there. Importantly I’ve learned that it’s not just about Weight and what you’re eating, stress and looking after yourself is a massive factor and I shall be concentrating on this area for the remainder of our time together. 
Chloe’s manner is caring and nurturing whilst being professional and very knowlegable and she has the ability to adapt to the clients changing life demands and adjust sessions and support accordingly.

— Holly

I went to a yoga workshop for anxiety and ibs with Chloe last weekend.. I don't have ibs but I definitely get hit with anxiety*. I was absolutely petrified before I went, wondering if when I walked in people would be sitting with their legs around there heads and doing postures I dont even dream off I'm that inflexible!! But I had a lovely afternoon with the warmest group and inspiring yogi lady I could ever wish for. I am excited about my nutritional call with Chloe and look forward to finding some calm in my day for me and learning about food that nourishes me instead of reaching for quick fixes to get and keep me hi. Thankyou Chloe and all the all ladies for making it a lovely workshop.

— Carly

As a mum of two young children, I find it hard to commit time for my own health and wellbeing. Through Chloe's Spring Cleanse, I was able to achieve my goals. Time was manageable, food was delicious, the change in myself physically and emotionally was also great. Chloe would answer any question I had, and take the time to really understand my needs and goals. Her posts, updates and webinars were informative and easy to understand. I thoroughly enjoyed the cleanse, learnt a lot about myself, and look forward to doing it again, and stepping it up a notch with Chloe's help and suggestions of how to continue supporting my wellbeing, especially my immune system and energy levels. Thank you. Highly recommend.

— Miranda