Chloe has helped a remarkably transformation occur with me through a careful and consultative approach to working new nutritional ideas into my lifestyle.

And lifestyle clearly is a major factor in the symptoms that I had when I first approached Chloe - sluggishness, exhaustion, mood swings, anxiety...

Chloe’s approach is very sensitive and comes from both great experience and study and a natural empathy and wanting to help others heal through subtle, yet, profound nutritional and lifestyle changes.

Chloe listens incredibly well and asks great questions which give you new avenues to explore and which often prove to be beneficial and life-enhancing.

I can’t imagine a life without Chloe there to consult with and work with. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that develops and I feel so much gratitude that I have been lucky enough to work with Chloe and see such big changes occur in my overall wellbeing.

Every house needs a Chloe to consult and work with. Snap her up!
— Andy Nathan, Yoga Teacher and Meditation Coach
I attended one of Chloe’s nutritional workshops a couple of months ago and found it really helpful. We identified our personal key concerns and focused on moving forwards towards a healthier way of living through easy to follow, simple and unpretentious steps. The ‘rules of thumb’ Chloe shared with us have changed how I eat and markedly improved my energy levels. I’d highly recommend her to support you through and health concerns and goals you have
— Amanda, London
As much as I read about nutrition, I felt completely baffled and overwhelmed with it all. Seeing Chloe really help me put things into perspective and create a sustainable and balanced eating plan that I am not only sticking to but really enjoying, I’ve also managed to lose a few pounds too! She knows her stuff!
— Camille, London