My Programmes 

My passion isn’t just in providing you with expert knowledge, but helping you to apply it to your normal life. Regular sessions ensure you get the support you need making changes, and expert information can be given to you over a period of time as opposed to a whole programme being dumped on your doorstep and you not knowing how on earth to make it work for you and your life. 

It also allows me to get to know you, what happens when you get stressed, when you have your period, or are faced with some emotional and physical challenges.  When life gets in the way basically. I can navigate you and support you through life, helping you to form new habits, routines and behaviours to optimise health and create balance. 

It’s a magical journey and I can’t wait to be part of yours!


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Initial Consultation Package

from £175

This is for clients who are super motivated and ready to make changes, all they need is the expert information and they can put it into practice themselves. 

Ideal for: those who don’t have too in-depth a case, but want some expert guidance. 

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30 Day Programme


This is for those who are keen and eager to learn but know they are going to need help putting things into practice. A short sharp burst of consistent support over 30 days ensures you are held accountable and move at a pace that feels comfortable for you.

Ideal for: those with 1/2 stone or less of weight to lose, mild or periodic IBS.

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90 Day Programme


My most high compliance programme giving you a comprehensive level of care and support. I do a lot of the thinking for you with frequent contact to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible. Regular sessions ensure you stay on track and can ask any questions as they come up. 

Ideal for: weight loss clients with 1/2 stone of more to lose, chronic digestive and skin symptoms, or those who want fast and effective relief of symptoms with minimal trial and error.

Add ons:

(1) Yoga classes

Having practiced yoga for over 12 years and experiencing the invaluable effect it had on my mind and body, it was the natural step to deepen my practice and embark on a teacher training. This led me to New York where I took the 33hour Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training where I had the great fortune to study under the creators of the method David Life and Sharon Gannon. I have completed subsequent trainings in restorative yoga, Yoga for Eating Disorder Recovery and regularly attend immersions and workshops both with teachers from a variety of different style and lineages.

My classes create a space for you to connect and tune in, a ararity in modern life, and provides you with accessible tools to rebalance your body from the inside out. 

As a nutritionist, health coach and yoga teacher I truly understand the importance of take a whole-body approach to de-stress, rebalance and provde the right environment for healing.

One to one yoga sessions make the perfect accompaninet to your personalized nutrition and lifestyle programme. I will guide you through a bespoke practice to restore balance, energise the system and calm the mind. Regular classes ensure your practice develops and you learn how to adapt your practice with the demands of your life and the seasons. 

Private Yoga Classes, £50ph available at various locations across Brighton West Sussex including your home.

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