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Make 2018 different!

Join our January Re-Set and lay down your health foundations for the year ahead.

Monday 8th - Sunday 28th January

£65, *early bird special £55 before January 1st 2018

email chloemanlay@gmail.com



- More energy

- Get closer to your ideal weight

- Sleep better

- Improved digestion

- Clearer skin

- Clearer head

- Fighting fit for the year ahead!


Start the year as you mean to go on!


Chloe’s online programmes are supportive, informative and flexible. I will definitely take part in the next one!
— Autumn Cleanse participant
I really enjoyed Chloe’s Autumn Cleanse, it was educational (yes in a nerdy dietary way) but also just in every day life as I’m not one for diets. I feel I can take a lot going forward from it....thanks Chloe!
— Autumn Cleanse participant

What's included:

Flexible Meal Plan

Delicious Seasonal Recipes

Health and Energy Assessment

Shopping List

Cleansing Manuel

Health Coaching

Expert webinars on nutrition topics

Guided Meditation and Pranayama

Coaching call with Chloe to personalise your programme


Why not Re-Set with a friend, family member or group of colleagues? Join together and not only receive additional support from your mates to keep you on track and also receive a reduced rate of £55.00 per person. 

Spaces are limited so contact us on chloemanlay@gmail.com to book yours now!



"Chloe just wanted to say how last week was the first week without sugar, coffee and bread since I can remember! Feeling so positive and excited for the last few days of the cleanse and seeing what more I can achieve. For the first time ever I really feel like I can keep this up and be less dependent on coffee, which is a huge elevation, thank you!" Anna, London


"The improvements in my energy and digestion were huge, but what really surprised me was that my mental wellbeing even felt better. I felt like a cloud had lifted off me and I generally feel lighter and healthier. This cleanse really opened my eyes to the benefits of self-care, and has proven to me how much food and your gut are so important, in so many aspects of your life." Jaime, Brighton


"As a mum of two young children, I find it hard to commit time to my own health and wellbeing. Through Chloe's Seasonal Cleanse I was able to achieve my goals. The time commitment was manageable, the food was delicious, the change in myself physically and emotionally was fantastic. Chloe would answer any question I had, and take the time to really understand my needs and goals. Her posts, updates and webinars were informative and easy to understand. I thoroughly enjoyed the cleanse, learnt a lot about myself, and look forward to doing it again, and stepping it up a notch with Chloe's help and suggestions of how to continue supporting my wellbeing, especially my immune system and energy levels. Thank you. Highly recommend" Miranda, London


"I completed the May Cleanse with Chloe which really changed my perspective on food and wellbeing, and I learnt a lot. Chloe also advised me on my nutrition in the weeks coming up to my wedding, and I managed to loose 1 stone in total. Chloe is very supportive with really good advice. Thanks Chloe xx"Lucie, Brighton


"Amazing cleanse. Really helped me think differently about what I eat and also about the art of self care."

Aliza, Brighton


"I completed a two week cleanse with Chloe and could not recommend it highly enough. There was nothing fad like or extreme about it just sensible, experienced, knowledgeable advice and guidance about what to eat and how to establish great routines. I felt so energised and centred by the end of the first week that I have continued to practice everything that I have learnt. If you want practical, friendly advice and support without any preaching or judgment this is perfect!"Alexis, London


"Chloe was superb during the cleanse I did with her. Her recommendations and recipes were totally realistic, and achievable. She predicted common obstacles and offered practical advice on how to overcome them. All her advice and information was really easy to digest. (Pun intended) & easy to incorporate into your daily life. she was incredibly supportive and kind in her approach. I couldn't recommend her highly enough."Molly, Kent




January Re-Set

We all know that success doesn't come without good preparation, start your 2018 as you mean to go on with my January Re-Set!