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Autumn Cleanse

Looking for a MIND-BODY-SPIRIT RE-SET this Autumn?

Join Chloe and The Yoga Garden for a 10 Day Autumn Cleanse! This is an online programme - everything is delivered straight to your inbox., with the added bonus of optional opening and closing ceremonies at The Yoga Garden.

EARLY BIRD OFFER - Book before 15th September and you will get a private 30 minute Coaching Call with Chloe AND a Goodie Bag filled with nourishing treats to help your cleansing journey. During the Coaching Call Chloe will help you to identify any obstacles and coach you on personalising the programme in order to gain maximum results.


To Book follow the 'Book Now' instructions, once booking is confirmed you will BE contacted by Chloe directly to book in your coaching call, Goodie Bags will be available to collect from The Yoga Garden on the 10th October.


Be guided by expert and experienced practitioners to...

  • RE-SET your physical, emotional and spiritual body - using diet, intention setting, meditation and yoga 

  • CLEANSE your kitchen cupboards – remove processed foods, sugar, caffeine and alcohol

  • BOOST your digestion and immune system - with live foods

  • BALANCE your hormones - through diet and lifestyle

  • ENERGISE your body and mind by learning when to eat with the latest research on Time Restricted Eating

  • MOVE more – get your body moving with intention with two cleansing yoga classes and online home practices

  • DE-STRESS daily – with our guided meditations

  • RESTORE with our simple to implement lifestyle modifications - sleep better, rest more

We will guide and support you, on-hand to answer any questions you have.

  • Online yoga classes and guided breath work 
  • Optional Opening Ceremony and Intention Setting: Wednesday 10th October 2-3.30pm
  • Optional Closing Ceremony, Reflection and Celebration: Saturday 20th October 1-2.30pm
  • Step-by-step, day-by-day action plan to follow that will teach you:

o  How to eat well

o  When to eat, and most importantly when to NOT eat

o  How to shop, prepare and cook amazing food that’s healthy and delicious

    o  How to make meditation and intentional movement part of your daily life

    • Expert facebook talks on:

    o  5 Stage Gut Healing Programme

    o  How Functional Medicine can optimise health and help reverse chronic disease

    o  Using essential oils to enhance your yoga practice and aid healing



    Do I need to come to The Yoga Garden during the cleanse?

    The beginning and closing classes are entirely optional, all the content will be available online.



    Do I need a facebook profile to do the cleanse?

    You are able to do the cleanse just with an email address as I can send over all the content directly to you, however, without a facebook account you cannot be in the facebook group where the daily tips and inspiration are posted.


    I have an event halfway through, can I still do it?

    Of course! The cleanse is not about total deprivation, but about creating healthy new habits and taking time for self-care. You choose how far you want to take the guidelines around alcohol intake for example, obviously the more you follow the guidelines the more you are likely to achieve.

    I also think having parties and social gatherings are a great real-life challenge and an opportunity for you to alter your ‘normal’ behaviour with the help and support of the online community.


    I am a self-confessed caffeine addict, can I still do it?

    Yes! I advise everyone to reduce caffeine slowly and instructions are given on this in order to avoid headaches and other withdrawel symptoms.There is also no need to give it up entirely, a reduction from 3 to 1 cups per day is still a huge achievement.


    I am pregnant or breastfeeding, can I still do it?

    There are a few adjustments to the plan for those the are pregnant and breastfeeding, I will personally talk these through with you.


    I don’t know how to cook

    There is a great variety of recipes included so all abilities in the kitchen are catered for, as long as you are willing to give it a go! This is a great opportunity for those new to cooking to gain experience with the support of an experienced cook on hand. I also offer cooking demo’s and classes which you can email me to find out more


    I don’t have time to cook my own food every day

    This Programme is designed to simplify feeding yourself with nutritious food, I do all of the meal planning and shopping lists so all you have to do is put in a food order and you are good to go. The recipes are also labelled by the amount of time they take to prepare ranging from 5 to 45 minutes. However, if you have absolutely no interest in making time to cook delicious and nutritious meals, and don't have anyone to do it for you!, this cleanse might not be for you. 


    I have never done yoga before

    The online yoga classes are suitable for all levels and abilities.


    Can I start a few days after the start date?

    Absolutely, all the content will be up on the facebook group until the end of the month.


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