2-4pm Saturday 3rd February at Energy for Life Fitness, Brighton

2:15-4:15pm Saturday 3rd March at Freestyle Yoga Project, Tunbridge Wells

10-12pm Sunday 8th April at The Healthy Living Clinic, Hove

10am-1pm Saturday 8th April at The Yoga Garden, West Sussex

Have you ever thought about what your digestion means from a ‘yogi’ perspective? Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga, believes the gut is the root of all disease, and good digestion and health can only be achieved by balanced functioning of mind, body and breath.

Join me for a relaxing and informative workshop to understand what your digestion is trying to tell you about your health and lifestyle, and learn simple tools and techniques to restore balance.

Open to all levels.

I chose to specialise in digestive health after battling for years with my own poor digestion, I found the combination of ayurveda and yoga an invaluable tool in my healing and look forward to sharing my knowledge with you.

A private coaching call with me is included to discuss your unique digestive needs.

Email chloemanlay@gmail.com for enquiries and to book.