Personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle Programme

It is unlikely that you will fully achieve your health goals through a 'one-off' appointment, which is why I offer a range or programmes each tailor made to support you with your health goals. The continued support included in each programme ensures you get the information and inspiration that you need at a pace that works for you.

Programme benefits:

  • Wellness Vision and goal setting
  • Regular support either face to face or online
  • Health coaching to put you on the path back to optimum health
  • Lifestyle coaching to help you put practices in place that will support your health, mental wellbeing and happiness
  • A comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle plan tailored to your needs and designed just for YOU – updated as necessary as we move through the process
  • Supplement protocol recommendations (if needed)
  • Accountability
  • Motivation
  • Email/text support
  • Recipes
  • Recommendations for medical/functional testing to gain further insight into your health
  • Analysis of any medical tests


10 week programmes start from £250

Note: supplements and functional tests will be charged separately, discount are available