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Studio Classes

I teach two public ‘Slow Flow’ classes a week, booking ahead is advisable, please contact studios directly:

‘Slow Flow’

Enjoy a dedicated space to slowing down and tuning in, the perfect mid-week and end of week rebalance. Meet your breath where it’s at, and get better connected with your own inner teacher; learning to respond to what you need both on and off the mat. Leave feeling grounded, more connected, and lighter in body and mind. 

Wednesday 7.15-8.30pm at The Health Living Clinic, Hove 

Sunday 9-10am Energy for Life Fitness, Brighton

Private Yoga Classes

One to one yoga sessions make the perfect partner to your personalized nutrition and lifestyle PROGRAMME

I will guide you through a bespoke practice to restore balance, sooth digestive symptoms, energise the system and calm the mind. 

Regular classes ensure your practice develops and you learn how to adapt your practice with the demands of your life and the seasons. 

Contact me directly for availability and to book


Private yoga classes are available at:

 The Health Living Company, Hove

The Yoga Garden, West Sussex

Your home*, for your leisure

*Travel costs may apply