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It's time to connect, nourish, rebalance and grow.  

Let me take you on a journey to become energized and whole again.  Whether you want to rebalance your digestion, have glowing skin, or maintain your ideal weight, balance your hormones, manage an autoimmune condition, or improve your relationship with food, or all of the above, I can help and have a track record to prove it.

Working with me will allow you to enter into a new relationship with yourself and your body. As a Nutritional Therapist, Health Coach and Yoga Teacher, my programmes move way beyond just food. I have trained under the Functional Medicine model which advocates the assessment of your body as a whole, not just treating a set of symptoms or illnesses which are immediately obvious. This approach addresses the underlying causes of imbalance and disease, not just what is presented on the surface. 

Together we will create a bespoke programme which includes personalised nutrition, health coaching, yoga, meditation and lifestyle medicine with the ultimate aim of getting you and your health to where you want to be. You won't just follow a diet, but will be supported on your journey - we will explore where imbalances started to appear in your life, and you will be coached on creating new habits and routines that will lead you to the life you always imagined living.  

Great digestion, glowing skin and your ideal weight are all available to you, let me support you on your journey to getting there.




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I completed a two week cleanse with Chloe and could not recommend it highly enough. There was nothing fad like or extreme about it just sensible, experienced, knowledgeable advice and guidance about what to eat and how to establish great routines. I felt so energised and centred by the end of the first week that I have continued to practice everything that I have learnt. If you want practical, friendly advice and support without any preaching or judgment this is perfect!

โ€” Alexis

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